About Claudia

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"Being happy in life comes with feeling good, healthy and fit within yourself"

I've always loved giving massages, ever since I was little...

A particular event in my life made me realise just how important the quality of touch really is. Over time, this has increased my passion for healing and helping others. I find it immensely rewarding, having the ability to pass on this wonderful gift.

Being a former professional ballet dancer and, more recently, being involved in various sports, such as swimming and tennis, I understand the needs and benefits of a good massage. Regularly receiving treatment myself helps me and my body repair, relieving tiredness and speeding recovery from any aches or injuries. Our lives are so busy nowadays with so little time to relax. Overworking seems to be the normal way of life, building tension, and increasing stress and anxiety. Regularly sitting in front of your computer or travelling long distances can result in your muscles forgetting how to relax. Massage is ideal in re-teaching those muscles how to behave.

Qualified Massage Therapist

Claudia was trained in Holistic Massage Therapy in Bristol with the Massage Training Institute (MTI) in 2012, being taught by Andy Fagg, a well respected director of the MTI. This involved anatomy, physiology and pathology, and mastering a wide range of techniques, including:

Being a qualified Massage Therapist (MTI DIPLOMA Level 4) and Beauty Therapist (NVQ Level 2), Claudia is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and holds full professional insurance.

Claudia regularly attend ongoing courses to discover, expand and improve techniques and knowledge, alongside additional supervision classes. This forms part of her Continual Professional Development (CPD).